I am Leticia Socal, chemist, with a PhD in Materials Science. I am committed to applying my in-depth industry knowledge towards the good and the planet, creating a zero and lower waste economy.

“We can all build a Zero Waste future, it starts by inspiring companies and individuals to CHANGE their practices.”

Sustainable Packaging Consulting

Reusable, compostable, recyclable, naked?

Not sure what’s the best and most sustainable packaging for your product? Looking for a solution that preserves your product needs while taking care of the planet?

I can take a holistic view of your process and evaluate all the packaging you consume. Or I can work on an individual product only. Every step counts!

I will carefully elaborate solutions that keep the integrity of your product, meet its transportation needs and communicate your green intentions to your customers. I can conduct a circularity study pointing out strategies to make your process and product more circular.

TRUE Zero Waste Certification & Precertification Consulting

Do you have the feeling you are generating too much waste in your facility and, most importantly, buying unnecessary supplies? You are not the first. Several companies have certified their facilities as TRUE Zero Waste and were surprised by their money savings!

I can help your company better understand its waste stream and make recommendations that will develop distinctive, innovative and long-lasting solutions focusing on waste reduction and circularity. Those recommendations can include Zero Waste & Circular Economy Strategy & Planning, Zero Waste Program Design, Implementation, & Monitoring, Waste Reduction & Landfill Diversion Programs, Waste Management  & Composting Programs and Implementation.

Learn more about the TRUE Zero Waste framework, a GBCI certification.

It all starts with a complimentary assessment of your needs. Reach out here.

Examples of past projects:

  • Environmental impact analysis of recycling pathways: different technologies, such as mechanical recycling, pyrolysis, gasification, purification and incineration, were assessed regarding water, energy and CO2e emissions footprint.
  • Seaweed-based packaging materials: market and applications landscape, including technical challenges and partnership (public & private) introduction and facilitation.
  • Sustainable fashion: creation of a sustainability scorecard based on circularity and chemicals of concern in textiles.
  • Bio-polyethylene (PE) packaging: – competitive outlook and growth landscape.
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