We’re empowering consumers to make more sustainable choices

Natu is committed to shining a light into what is really sustainable and what is not — what is best for the planet, for all of us.

You can make a difference today

We believe that if we had more information about the products we buy, we would make more sustainable choices. We’re here to help you get started:

  1. Understand the pollution problem (and why we care about turtles)
  2. 8 habits to incorporate into your daily routine
  3. Your guide to responsible packaging

Program Spotlight

We created programs to empower the next generation and our communities.

Green Bags by Tapestri

Replace traditional paper bags/wrappers with reusable handmade bags as a more sustainable option! Natu is partnering with Tapestri, an organization dedicated to ending violence and oppression in immigrant and refugee communities.

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Do you have questions about the environmental impact of an item? Or need guidance towards better and more sustainable choices?

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