Our programs are created to educate the next generation and engage our communities on what’s best for our planet. We share these tips within our local communities, schools, and with parents & kids. We hope you get inspired and implement them in your own school and city!

Earth Day 22 Recycling Campaign: Plastic Waste turned into Bricks!

Our local school has partnered again with CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle materials) to help clean our environment.

During the 2 weeks before Earth Day, kids filled up an orange bag (Hefty) with recyclables. 347 pounds of plastic waste were diverted from the landfill by our amazing community!! The collected waste is transformed by ByFusion into bricks for building & construction. How cool is that? The kids loved this campaign!

Check it out the video below to learn what materials can go in the Hefty orange bags.

Atlanta Green Market Fair 2022 @ Ponce City Market

I am very honored to spearhead the waste management efforts of the very first Atlanta Green Market Fair, celebrating the city’s most sustainable brands.

The pop-up market will host over 40 local green businesses, complete with live music and a full-day’s schedule of educational environmental programming, including speakers, panels, workshops and more. The one-day event will double as a fundraiser for local environmental non-profits and feature early-stage environmental entrepreneurs, sustainability-focused academic programs and green jobs.

Activities will kick off on Saturday, April 23rd at 9:00 AM with ‘Yoga in The Yard’. The market is set to open at 10:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM.

Learn more about the event here!

Plastic Straw collection

Did you know plastic straws are among the top 10 marine litters? Plastic straws are not recyclable at curbside. To celebrate National Recycling Day 2021, our local school partnered again with CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) to help clean our environment!

Kids brought plastic straws from home and drop them off in one of the collection boxes at school. They also recycled straws from lunch in one of the boxes at the cafeteria ! Over 3 lbs of straws were collected in 2 weeks, and CHaRM’s partner will be converting them in biofuel (more on CHaRM’s website).

Earth Day 2021: Plastic Bags Collection

Plastic bags and wraps get tangled up in the gears of the machinery that sorts recyclables, shutting down the recycling facility and making it slower (thus more expensive!) to sort recyclables.

Our local school partnered with CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) in a Plastic Film Challenge of 2021 in honor of Earth Day! The program was part of a competition, where the school that collects the most plastic film receives a prize to go towards environmental programs within the school community.

Families, students, faculty and staff brought plastic films to collection boxes. Items included newspaper sleeves, bread bags, cereal liners, product wrap, food storage bags, produce bags, grocery bags, ice bags, dry cleaning bags, pellet bags, case overwrap, packaging air pillows, salt bags, and LDPE/HDPE films (see banner).

Our school collected 135 lbs of plastic film and WON THE COMPETITION! Most importantly, hundreds of families learnt about the challenges of recycling plastic bags and will make an effort to REDUCE its use and/or to RECYCLE properly.

Green Bags by Tapestri

Planning a Valentine’s Day gift? Your kid’s birthday is coming soon? What about your best friend? Imagine if you could help the environment, help people who really need it, make a friend happy and be your kids’ hero?

Well, we have a suggestion for you — surprise your loved one with a gift wrapped-up with extra love! Replace the traditional paper bags/wrappers with reusable crafted articles, like a crochet or upcycled bag! Your gift will stand out and is sure to induce lots of smiles.

Natu is partnering with Tapestri, an organization dedicated to ending violence and oppression in immigrant and refugee communities, to promote the use of handmade bags as a more sustainable option and make your presents look beautiful. Victims of human trafficking are making and selling the bags as an income opportunity to re-start their lives.

Contact us to purchase a handmade bag! Prices start at 6 USD, and shipping costs may be charged. The entire revenue collected will be donated to the victims. This is a pilot program for the state of Georgia (USA).

Celebrate Green

We invite everyone to try a greener way to celebrate the Holidays!

Have you heard about all the waste generated during the holidays? You can read about it in the Info Hub — Shortcuts here and here 😉

One way to reduce waste is furoshiki! Have you heard of it? Check it out and share with your school teacher or try it yourself using these easy tutorials.

Our banner (to the left) has many more ways you can reduce waste this holiday season. Spread the word and help us make a difference!

Or, do you want to give a step further and give a presentation about the problem? We got you covered! Feel free to use and share the file available below:

Green Parks

What a better environmental education class than inviting the kids to cleanup a park? Let’s go!

Here are some tips:

  • Tell them why we are doing it (learn more)
  • Ask them to bring a pair of gloves – garden gloves are ideal, but we don’t want to encourage consumerism, right? – so any washable gloves like winter or snow gloves will do it!
  • Collect the trash in paper bags.
  • Play a game like “can you find 10 pieces of trash?”
  • At the end, count the pieces together and work on math skills.
  • Responsibly dispose of what you collected.

Green Halloween

We are partnering with schools to minimize candy & snack wrappers littering on Halloween (learn more about the problem)

The program includes:

  • Wrappers collection: chocolate, cereal bar, potato ships and goldfish are examples of wrappers that can be collected in a snack and candy wrappers box from TerraCycle.
  • Art Projects: upcycle those wrappers into a beautiful artwork that could be done at home during virtual learning or in-person at school. A box can be decorated with wrappers to collect wrappers at the classroom or at home. The work can be as small as a wallet or big as a mural. 
  • Classroom education: worksheets about environmental education and plastic recycling. Material science content can be covered upon the grade level.
  • Litter Picking Challenge: what a fun outdoor activity in a park or any area close to the school.

Do you want to implement this program in a school close to you and make an impact in your community? This file has everything you need to start:

Want help implementing a program in your community?

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