8 experiences to give during COVID-holidays

Nobody could imagine that this pandemic would last until the Holiday season, but here we are! Giving experiences instead of gifts can be a great alternative this year. On top of eco-friendly (learn more here) they can be much fun!

  1. Give a day in the woods: Research the best hikes in your area and set up a date. Depending on your budget, go wild and purchase a week or a few days in a mountain cabin. Include a list of activities in the region and outfits they should pack. Include a map of the destination and consider making a reservation at a nearby restaurant with outdoor seating. Include a reusable water bottle in your kit 😉
  2. Write a letter outlining all the reasons someone is important to you, and be specific: the way he/she laughs, his/her corny jokes or terrific sense of style. Write it on your nicest stationery and scent the envelope with his or her favorite fragrance. 
  3. Plan a special movie night:  create a personalized gift card that includes popcorn or a favorite movie snack, and a printout of trivia about the actors, directors, writer or filmmaking process. Set specific dates for viewing.
  4. Give a subscription to online lessons: music instrument, photography, makeup, art history… anything they want to try out or develop further. Read the reviews and make sure you choose a nice one. One example my husband subscribes to is Fender for guitar lessons. I’m sure there are plenty more!
  5. Create a photo memory book: dig out those old photos and create a personalized book for each of your siblings and/or your parents and/or friends. You can use an online photo-book maker or make copies of your treasured photos and put them into old-fashioned photo albums. Just be sure to purchase albums with acid-free pages to protect those photos.
  6. Invite them to exercise: buy a subscription of yoga, Pilates or their favorite class. Support local business and buy from your neighborhood gym or instructor. Prefer packages that can be also used online.
  7. Start a tradition of passing on special items with a sentimental or emotional value. Items with a personal history behind like a book you learnt something from, a bracelet or earrings that bring you luck, a tin box you bought in a special trip. Tell them about it so they know it’s important.
  8. DIY sweater pillows: Have moths eaten bits of your softest sweaters? Upcycle them into soft and cozy pillows in less than an hour by following an easy envelope sewing method demonstrated in this  YouTube video. Whether luxe cashmere, cable knit or thrift store find, a sweater pillow is a nice way to provide someone with warmth and softness during hard times. The tutorial is also a great way to demonstrate sewing basics to anyone who wants to learn.

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